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Neymar press conference after backbone injury

We have rules in football. They must be applied and the players have to be protected on the playing field. It was a condition where I do not have any control and I was hurt. I feel blessed because it wasn’t more serious. Two more centimeters up and I could be in a wheelchair. Neymar Crying ……………………….. It’s really hard ... Read More »

Scolari Eat Humble Pie: Brazil 1-7 Germany without Neymar

Germany beat Brazil with lucky 7 goals. Full time: – Brazil 1-7 Germany Germany Goals: – Muller 11, Klose 23, Toni Kroos 24, 26, Khedira 29, Schurrle 69, 79, Brazil Goals: -Oscar 90 Match date: – 8-july-14 (FIFA World Cup Semi-finals) Stadium: – Belo Horizonte Brazil player: – Julio Cesar, Maicon, Dante (Replace with Neymar), David Luiz, Marcelo, Fernandinho, Luiz ... Read More »

William Ready to Replace Injured Neymar

Bernard will be replace in the place of neymar

Midfielder Willian dominates the ball in training squad on Sunday, who will be replacing of neymar. This is the first training of Brazilian team without Neymar, William is the first choice of coach Luiz Felipe Scolari to replace Neymar the semifinal of World Cup against Germany. Read More »

Neymar Wants World Cup, Not Golden Boot

The striker left the field on a stretcher and was taken to the hospital for examinations

Neymar said that he does not want Golden boot, he wants world cup. In the first step of growing, he has seen that Ronaldro Rivaldro won the world cup. Now he wants to succeed his Hexa mission. There was dropped rain by the leakage of house roof in Neymar’s house. Neymar’s father does not ability to repair the leakage. The ... Read More »

Neymar Has Fallen backbone Injury- OUT of World Cup Final

neymar suffer backbone

Neymar left the field on a stretcher crying after taking knee in the victory of Brazil by 2-1 over Colombia. The striker went to the hospital conduct examinations, which was found a fracture that will let the young star out of the next World Cup matches Brazilian young superstar Neymar has been in injury. In injury, it has broken bone ... Read More »

Neymar is not perfect match with Barcelona

messi neymar

Neymar has said that his playing style is more matches with Barcelona not Real Madrid. For this reasons, he has devoted hundreds of core dollars. But interesting topic is; he has lost him in Brazil. But in the before time coming at Barsa, he was very skilled and well player in National team of confederation cup. After the season, he ... Read More »

Neymar will be difficult to play against Germany

Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari showed pessimism about the return of Neymar for the semifinal match of the World Cup against Germany next Tuesday. The Brazilian player took a knock back in the match this Friday against Colombia, came out before the game finished crying, and was taken to St. Charles Hospital in Fortaleza, conduct examinations. “I think for this match ... Read More »

Neymar Shoes

Neymar Shoes

Neymar Jr is a great football player in Brazil who plays for Brazil national team. He plays as winger or forward. In his short time of career, he has become very popular. He is very nice and interesting person. He has shown interests on many things. Generally he is very conscious about his life leading. He always wants to enjoy ... Read More »

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