Neymar press conference after backbone injury

We have rules in football. They must be applied and the players have to be protected on the playing field. It was a condition where I do not have any control and I was hurt. I feel blessed because it wasn’t more serious. Two more centimeters up and I could be in a wheelchair. Neymar Crying ………………………..

It’s really hard to talk about it. It happened at such an important time in my career but it happened. Neymar Crying …………….Let’s move on, let’s move on. I am sorry.

It is something that I cannot accept Juan Zuniga’s charge. What happened was undesirable. I’m not going to speak it was ferocious and there was malice or intent. I cannot speak for him. But everybody who understands football, everybody, knows that it was not a normal charge.

We did not want to lose this way, but at least the team kept going until the end. At 6-0, 7-0 they did not stop or give up. They kept going. After the defeat we felt humiliated. We felt ashamed because that is not what we wanted. Nobody needs to tell us what this means to us. We have families and people that support us. I’m proud of my teammates.

I think it is very significant for Argentina and Germany as both teams have played well. I hope my teammate Messi win. I have two teammates from Argentina’s Messi and Mascherano.   I hope they win because of Messi’s history in the activity. He is completed a lot for football. He has won titles of world cup in his career and I will be cheering for him. He is my friend and he is my teammate. I wish best of luck.Neymar Has Fallen backbone Injury- OUT of World Cup Final

Neymar Has Fallen backbone Injury- OUT of World Cup Final

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