Neymar is the favorite player of Brazilians in 2014

Four years ago, Neymar was already the favorite player, but with 13% of the vote; last year reached 32%; and now 35% of respondents state that is more like it.

The second place is David Luiz, who jumped from 0.8% to 9.2% of preferences in a year.
After the list follows with Messi (5.4%), Fred (4.9%) and Cristiano Ronaldo (4.7%).


Here is the list of fifteen preferred the Brazilian players, according to vote:

Neymar (35%)
David Luiz (9.2%)
Messi (5.4%)
Fred (4.9%)
Cristiano Ronaldo (4.7%)
Hulk (4%)
Ronaldinho (2.6%)
Kaka (2.3%)
D’Alessandro (1.7%)
Julius Caesar (1.7%)
Rogerio Ceni (1.3%)
Oscar (1.1%)
Robinho (1.1%)
Thiago Silva (1.1%)
Daniel Alves (0.7%)

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