Neymar jr and Zuniga will be meet up again on Friday

Neymar jr and Zuniga will be meet up again on Friday as Brazil and Colombia square off in Miami City in Florida.

Zuniga scandalously broke Neymar‘s backbone in the quarter final of the World Cup 2014 after a swashbuckling challenge. For Neymar’s injury Brazil run out from the World Cup 2014 and Neymar subsequently crashed out quarter-finals.

Wednesday Zuniga arrived in Miami City in Florida as Colombia vs Brazil will be play a friendly match soon after this week. It will be the 1st playing between Neymar jr and Zuniga after the World cup 2014 event. The Colombian denied talking about the details of Colombia vs Brazil what happened in the friendly match, but in its place admired Neymar for delightful on the ALS challenge.

“He is very munificent,” said Zuniga. “The significant thing is the personality. What happen on the playing field was lacking intention. It’s imperative now to imagine about the match between Colombia vs Brazil.”

”It is a vital match because Brazil has a large of team, has great players,” sustained Zuniga. “We are going away to play a good match. Playing a match against a good team like this, with such remember, is very inspiring for us.”


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