Biography of Neymar-Life:

Neymar is Brazilian superstar young player. He was born in 5 February, 1992. His full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. He is very popular and famous now. He is very interesting and gorgeous person. Generally he is very popular in young for his hairstyle. In one word, I may say that his life is very stylish. Now Neymar is very important for Brazil team.

Neymar Fact Sheet:

Full name: Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (Neymar)
Birth date: 5-February -1992
Age: 22 years old
Current club: FC Barcelona (since 2013)
Fifa World cup debut: 14-june-2014, against Croatia- Arena Corinthians, São Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian National Team debut: 26-july-2010, against United States
Professional club career debut: March 7, 2009 – Itapolisvs, Santos FC
Birth place: Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Height: 1,74m (5’7′)
Weight: 65kg (143.3 lbs)
Field position: Forward
First profession club: Santos FC
Neymar Shirt: jersey number in Brazil #10 and Barcelona: #11

Child Life:
Neymar has comes from a poor family. He has past his life without foods, cloths, homeless and others. He was the poor son who was dreamt that he will win the world cup in his own country. He has got chanced but fate did not success his dream. NeymarJr arrived to Santos in 2003 for starting playing for the youth club. He has becoming very popular from early. He has become turning a good professional player. He is the son of former professional soccer player. He is as like as his father and has followed everything. He joined in the Portuguesa Santista youth club in 1999. And he has become very popular in some years. I think that it was very short time for his career. He is considered now as the most important and talents player in Brazil.

Rising Star of his Career:
Neymar was joined in 11 years old in the Youth System of Santos FC. He was got a chance to develop his career in Real Madrid in the age of 14. For this reasons, he has devoted his Mohawk hair style cut which has become very popular to young. After a pro contract in 2009, Neymar has started becoming a good professional player seeing first team daylight soon. He has also a taste of winning a trophy. And he was voted for the best player. After taking vote, he has become as the best soccer player and top scorer. Neymar has scored 100th goals in his 20th birthday. In May 2013, Neymar announced that he was making the leap from Europe to transfer FC Barcelona. He was leading Brazil victory in 2013 in Confederation Cup.

Personal Life:
Neymar is married with Carolina Dantas. But he is not relationship with him. He has become a father at the age of 19. Neymar has birth a son. His son named is DaviLucca.he is paying 30,000 real’s (roughly 13,000 US dollars) per month for his child supports. But now he is now in a new relationship. Neymar is now dated with Brizilian actress BrunaMarquezine. He has publicly confirmed that he is now in relationship with BrunaMarquezine from 11th February, 2013.

World Cup 2014 Injury
Neymar performance is well-shined in the world cup of 2014. In 4 July, 2014, he was serious injured in quarter final match in which Brazil won. In 88 minutes, he was injured in back bone and immediately sent to a private clinic. When he was carried by a stretcher, he was crying for pain. The doctor told that he needs some weeks rest in bed. So, he will not able to any in World Cup. Doctor reported that he is out of world cup. In this situation, every fan was crying. And everyone has gathered in hospital. They have best wishes for Neymar.

However, Neymar’s summer 2013 finally signed for Barcelona and initiated his journey in Europe. The Spanish club gives paid 50 million euros for a 5 years deal. As a result, Neymar will allow earning 7 million per year with 1 million bonuses. Many sports specialists have said that Neymar is very important player for Brazil team. Brazilians are so much about world cup. What will be happened in world cup? Luck of Brazil team is in uncertain facts. Brazil teams are in very worried and hesitated. The luck of Brazil team is mostly depended in God.

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